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CRANBERRY with goldenrod

CRANBERRY with goldenrod

Food supplement

Our strongest cranberry product in a convenient “1 capsule per day” dose.

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This formula contains extracts of Canadian cranberries and goldenrod which promote:

  • health and proper functioning of the bladder and lower urinary tract
  • an increase in urine production, thus helping to leach bacteria from the urinary tract
  • Proanthocyanidins (one of the active ingredients of Canadian cranberries) are absorbed into the blood after ingestion and then from the kidneys into the urine.
  • Goldenrod maintains proper functioning of the bladder and lower urinary tract and promotes the excretory function of the kidneys, helping to rinse bacteria from the urinary tract.  E.coli bacteria are one of the most common agents of urinary tract problems. A sufficient drinking regime that can wash out harmful bacteria is also important.

This formula contains CranMax® – a patented concentrate of the highest quality from whole fruits of North American cranberries.

CranMax® has a high content of natural substances with physiological effects – minerals, vitamins, trace elements, organic acids, fiber, polyphenols and flavonoids – a unique composition.

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Why use NatureVia CRANBERRY 500 mg?

1) The unique composition of Cran-Max® from whole cranberry fruits with unique efficacy:

  • CranMax®’s proprietary patented manufacturing technology preserves all ingredients from all cranberry fruit surfaces (pulp, kernels, skin and juice) to stay as close to fresh cranberries as possible.
  • The interaction of all components is intensified and the resulting synergistic effect is higher than when using only the fruit
  • 500 mg Cran-Max® contains at least 36mg PAC (proanthocyanidins) and is as effective as 3 servings of 100% pure cranberry juice.
  • It has been clinically proven that Cran-Max® is twice as effective than cranberry extract and can be taken without side effects¹

2) BioShield® protection

  • Patented transport technology to protect the active substances from the effects of gastric acids.
  • Gradual release of the active substance allows for absorption and prolonged effect

¹ J.M.Bohbot. The Gyneacologists Journal 2007



Active Ingredients in 1 CapsuleContents per 1 cap
CranMax® concentrate (34:1)

Cranberry extract (50:1)

Goldenrod (Soldiago virgaurea) extract (10:1)

250 mg

100 mg

20 mg

Ingredients: North American cranberries (Vaccinium macrocarpon Aiton), goldenrod extract, magnesium stearate, silica, veg capsule

This product does not contain any chemical preservatives, synthetic colours, dairy, wheat products, yeast or sugar.

Recommended dose

1-2  capsules daily

Can be used with antibiotics.

Can be used during pregnancy and lactation, but advisable to contact your physician first.

This product contains CranMax®, a registered trademark of Bio-Nutra ™ Technologies, and is licensed US Patent Nos: 6,231,866 and 6,440,467

Warning: Not for children under 3 years of age. Do not exceed the recommended dosage. Not intended to replace a varied and balanced diet. Store out of reach of children.