About Us

Over 25 years ago our company, BIOVIT IMPEX, started to bring natural supplements from Canada to the Czech market. These leading producers of vitamins and food supplements in Canada offer more than 50 years of tradition and we are proud to continue to be a part of this history. Our products are manufactured using the latest technologies, guaranteeing the highest quality standards from raw materials to the final product. Our manufacturers test each batch of supplements under the strict supervision of Health Canada regulations.

In 2018, we launched our NATUREVIA® brand packaging – a new, original, and unmistakable brand that reflects the essential characteristics of our products, their natural essence, and origin.





  • Natural raw materials are the basis for our products, providing for unique
    absorption and effectiveness.
  • Ensuring absolute quality from raw materials to finished products (Total Quality
  • Scientific research and development.
  • Guaranteed stability and content of active substances.
  • Quality proven by more than 50 years of tradition.